The digital team that you never knew you needed.


Managing Consultant, Creative Director, & Digital Psychologist

Christina is a Digital Psychologist and Managing Business Development Consultant, and is responsible for the creative direction and overall look and feel of marketing, media, and branding.

She's our fearless leader and a senior-level strategic partner for our clients, establishing trust and building mutually-beneficial long-term relationships. She's passionate and results-driven, and is strategically-knowledgable about how organizations work. 

She has over a decade of business development experience in knowledge-based businesses, mainly in higher education, biotech, and luxury e-Commerce sectors. Using the wealth of her experience in these sectors, she leads the way with her business development and management consulting expertise. She also drives digital business growth through the art and science of consumer psychology using in-bound, direct-response content -- perfecting what is currently implemented by advertizing giants and using her knowledge in Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics to create outstanding digital marketing campaigns.

She has a B.A. degree from the University of California, a M.S. from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, and further post-graduate education in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. 

As CEO, she manages company profitability and leads the development of agile digital campaigns for our service-based SMB clients based on both sides of the pond (London and Los Angeles).

In her free time, she indulges in travel photography, coffee tourism, and high-level Health Mastery Coaching for professionals and military veterans.


Digital Marketing & Sales Manager

Our Digital Marketing & Sales expert, Alex Adams, has the incredible knack of translating strategy into golden ideas to impress our clients. He prides himself on giving back and helping mentor up-and-coming talent. Alex is an avid traveler so when he's not working on creating effective copy for our clients, he's off to some exotic area with an amazing story to tell when he returns.


Social Media Manager & Associate Web Designer

River Watts is a dedicated Social Media Manager & Web Designer who manages to find inspiration wherever he looks. His work has won a number of industry awards, and his creativity has helped us gain valuable recognition.

In his spare time, he runs for Charity and codes apps.



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